Notion Business Hub

Hashim Sultan
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Manage your business stress free.

Notion Business Hub is an all-in-one hub for businesses, companies, freelancers, creators and agencies.

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A Systematic approach to your Business

This comprehensive template has everything you need to streamline your operations and take your business to the next level. Everything is connected together, from invoicing and task management to lead tracking and project collaboration.

Project Management

Manage projects and tasks in an effective way. Track the the costs and the team fees

Finance Management

Have a clear view of your finances and track your profits. Manage Invoices and team pays

Team Management

Easily collaborate with your team. See individual performances and views.

OKR Goal Tracker

Add in your Company goals and divide them into Key Results.

CRM Client manager

Set up pipeline and track your clients' projects, meetings, and invoices.


Schedule meetings and discuss important topics. Invite team members and add meeting notes

Notes and Resources

Add relevant notes and resources and make an information hub.

Social Media Manager

Build your audience, manage your content, publishing schedule and run Ad campaigns

Transform Notion into a truly all-in-one system to manage your entire Business in one place.

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Notion Business Hub

0 ratings
I want this!